Big news everybody: As you may have already heard, RTE announced who the mentors for the 2014 Eurovision song contest singer/songwriters are on Friday and, you guessed it, one of them is me!

Already, I’ve received dozens of songs from songwriters and singers from around the country (as well as other parts of Europe too!) and, I must say, I am really impressed with what I’ve heard so far. Based on what I’ve got, it’s going to be a very tough job narrowing them down to just one. Of course, there’s still plenty of time for anybody to get their entries submitted and be in with a shout. You can send me submissions here. I’ll be announcing who the singer/songwriter is that I will be working with early on in the New Year, so the clock is ticking!

It’s always hard to tell what exactly the Eurovision crowd want. For example, Ryan Dolan put on a fantastic show last year with his really catchy tune ‘Only Love Survives’ (which was co-written by Wez Devine). They had energy and charisma, not to mention Ryan’s great singing voice. And yet, somehow, they only managed to come away with five points. The whole team deserved so much better. That’s what makes picking an act that you think will represent the country, while still appealing to people in every corner of Europe so tricky.

I’ll be announcing who the singer/songwriter that I will be working with is on the 3rd of January, with our recorded song to be submitted to RTE by the 3rd of February. All in all, it’s going to be a hectic New Year, but I’m certain that it will be a whole lot of fun too!

And yes, that quote that is being attributed to me in the papers about Johnny Logan is 100% true! :D

“I am really looking forward to mentoring my act for the Eurosong. I've always loved the Eurovision Song contest ever since I fell in love with Johnny Logan as a young child! Every year the Eurovision winner is different, so it hard to know what the public want but I’ll give it my best shot."

If you want to keep an eye on how the campaign is going feel free to follow me on Twitter (don’t be shy – I tweet back!) and like my Facebook page to get the latest updates. I’ll be updating my blog a lot more from now on so be sure to keep checking back!

- Hazel x

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