Hazel Kaneswaran has asked Companies to Donate a Portion of their Sales to the GI Unit in Our Ladys Hospital Crumlin for Sick Children

DeWAR Gas Service Donates €3,000.00 To the G.I Unit at "Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin for Sick Children"

Anthea Smith(Nurse), Alan Grogan(DeWAR), Professor Billy Bourke, Louise Patterson(Nurse), Hazel Kaneswaran

TV personality, songwriter and mother of four young boys Hazel Kaneswaran has asked companies throughout Ireland, to join her in donating a proportion of there company sales towards helping the GI Unit in Our Ladys Hospital Crumlin for Sick Children.

Hazel Kaneswaran contacted one such person Alan Grogan Managing Director at DeWAR Gas Service about the idea she had to develop a partnership between local SME’s and the G.I Unit at Our Ladys Hospital Crumlin.

"I thought the idea was great we have always supported locally in many different ways, this idea of Hazels is great. We decided to come on board straight away and donate €5.00 from every €79.00 gas boiler service, or gas boiler repair we carry out. We also agreed to donate a further €100.00 from every gas boiler replacement or gas boiler upgrade throughout Dublin and Limerick" said Alan Grogan Managing Director of DeWAR Gas Service.

Alan and his company hope to raise up to €20,000 a year to donate to the G.I unit, this is a great commitment in light of the current economic downturn.

"I understand were Hazel is coming from she says that if we get a Bar owner to donate 5 cents from every pint sold, 50 cents from every concert ticket sold, 5 cents on every burger sold and maybe €100 donated from every car sale. This money would add up to a sizeable figure" explains Alan.

"The feed back that I have received has been fantastic, local companies really want to get on board with this concept, these hospital units really need financial help and there is less money than before coming from the big multi nationals or financial institutions due to the downturn. So if we can get enough small local companies, food chains, publicans to offer support, no matter how big or small, together it will amount to millions in much needed equipment for these hospitals. Remember these are our children and we need to make sure that they have every resource available to them" said Hazel.

Hazel is hoping to create awareness among the local business communities, to get a few hundred companies to join the likes of DeWAR Gas Service in donating to the GI Unit. To help with much needed equipment and assistance for families, in real need of help. The GI Unit is located in Our Ladys Hospital Crumlin and the TPN (Total Parental Nutrition) which is an IV feed that helps maintain the lives of a handful of children at present throughout Ireland. With no other means of nutritional support, these children would not survive without this TPN and would be confined to hospital for the rest of there lives.

"Professor Billy Bourke and his team are doing wonderful work day in and day out, they help to maintain the lives of so many children that would not live without this amazing TPN" explained Hazel.

On hand to present Professor Billy Bourke who leads the Team in TPN at the GI Unit with a cheque for €3,000 was Alan Grogan (DeWAR Gas Service), Hazel Kaneswaran, Louise Patterson and Anthea Smith (TPN Nurses at GI Unit, Our Ladys Hospital Crumlin)

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