Eurovision song contest

Well guys, things have gotten really hectic and exciting since I last posted here (The Evening Herald weren't kidding when they quoted me as saying I haven't slept in a month!).  I've been really enjoying my role as Eurosong mentor so far and I'm happy that public reactions to me being selected have been positive ones.  I can tell you all this much though; we have picked an act and the song has been completed and is ready for submission.  I can't tell you who is singing or what the act is called until Thursday, the 6th of February.  What I will say, though, is that we've got a really good tune that I think people are going to love!

In fact, I'm just back from shooting the music video over at the Production Suite with the help of the lads from Neeru Productions. The footage has been whisked away to the editing studio so the editor can work his magic on it.  We should have a rough cut of it ready over the weekend, with the finished product good and ready for release on the 6th.  Once that happens the promotional work can begin in earnest!  It was such a fun day for all involved.  We'll have lots of on set photos and some behind the scenes footage to show off soon.

I'm nearly bursting with excitement right now and can't wait to tell everyone about the great song we have.  With just under a week to go until the big day, it's just a few more days before all will be revealed.  I'll be posting some clues and hints between now and then on my Facebook page and on Twitter.  Come join me and we can get the #Eurovision going nice and early!

That's all from me today.  I had better get home and give my husband a hand before the kids overwhelm him!

- Hazel x